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Running a successful business as well as an innovative website can be tricky. Even though both aspects go hand-in-hand, it can be challenging to keep up. But AI has come a long way in making our lives easier. One such component is a chatbox that creates, integrates, and provides personalized and results-driven conversations in the form of chatting.

The chatbot market is expected to reach almost $2 billion by 2027. With such high figures, it is only profitable to invest in one for your website.

But why add chatbots to your website in the first place? Can they really substitute the power of human-to-human communication?

The answer is a resounding yes.

The business benefits of chatbots abound in customer service, marketing and sales. Chatbots not only help bring down the high volume of questions that customer support has to handle, but also do that with high efficiency and zero margin for error.

Chatbots can consolidate inquiries and interactions from multiple channels including email, messaging, and social media. With AI-based algorithms, they give agents and marketers the opportunity to provide meaningful support and responses by automating conversations in common scenarios.

But which one should you go for?

Well, that shall be answered in the following article, where we shall discuss the 5 best chatbots for your website.

Top 5 Chatbots for Your Business

The following options are specially curated as per the business standards. They are handpicked to improve customer experience and boost sales.


With Ideta, you can make your chatbot completely multichannel and deploy it on every touch point such as your landing page, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Slack and even by text messages with our custom Twilio integration.

You can add Artificial Intelligence thanks to the easy-to-use custom interface and you can connect it to multiple NLP providers such as Dialogflow, Luis or Alexa.

Ideta can make your chatbot truly part of your marketing strategy by connecting it to any tool via API, and without coding. Send customer’s information to your CRM or to your sales team via email or Teams.

Moreover, Ideta interface is completly no-code based and their customer support are always there to help you.

Their flexible pricing is perfect for startups and for big company as well!

So, sign up now and try their chatbot builder!

Ideta’s no-code interface


HubSpot is a go-to CRM option for all companies who want a one-stop inbound marketing and sales solution. It helps attract visitors, convert them into leads, and close deals.

Apart from other facilities like contact management and sales opportunity information, it includes a smart chatbot builder and a live chat feature.

HubSpot’s customizable live chat design is made to match your website’s layout and color scheme. Even if you are from a non-tech background, you can automate chatbot responses without any hassle.

With HubSpot’s free chatbot builder, you can take one for the team without having to do any work. The bots can be customized to book meetings, qualify leads, and cater to the customer’s questions.

You can configure the bot and tweak the conversation to match your company’s tone and voice. The copy can be tweaked to add questions and responses.

HubSpot provides a human touch to the conversations since it is integrated with the contacts database. This allows the visitors to have a friendlier and more personalized conversation with the chatbot.

Lastly, the information collected by chatbots gets synced and stored in conjunction with the contact’s timeline, making it a seamless and easy process for everybody.

While it is free to a certain level, you’ll have to pay to access all the other features.


Drift chatbot works as a conversation-starter that connects with the visitors in the form of real-time chat, voice, video, or email. This helps build relationships and capitalize on them for the benefit of the company.

Its Revenue Acceleration Platform combines conversational sales and conversational marketing to generate revenue.

It includes an automated chatbot and live chat feature that integrates easily with email marketing services and CRMs.

Other features include custom playbooks that fulfill the purpose of strategic targeting, connecting customers with automatic routing, saving common replies, etc. It also lists out the Live View features that save time for the visitors.

Along with that, it has rich content in terms of blog posts, webinars, ebooks, etc., helping the visitors in understanding more about your website and business.

Even though Drift is more economical for large businesses, you can start off with a free plan that comes with limited features. If you want to benefit from all the aspects, you can choose the plan accordingly. is a no-code chatbot builder that helps you make and customize chatbots for your website without any technical skills or training.

Its pre-built templates get the ground running in no time. They are made to suit several types of scenarios like customer services, sales, bookings, recruitment, etc.

Another important feature of is that it integrates with WordPress to help grow your business and boost sales. Since it is powered by the same AI-driven software as Facebook messenger, you can leverage it to collect data and retarget the audience on the platform while wisely spending money.

You can use it to generate and qualify leads, schedule sales calls and meetings, add data to CRM, send sales inquiries, etc. It also allows your customers to call you directly.

In a way, all these features help build more credibility, something that can skyrocket your sales. offers a free trial for 14 days without any credit card details. After that, you can select the plan according to the scope of your business.


MobileMonkey is excellent for businesses that want to use a single bot for multiple platforms. It helps automate customer messaging channels to increase revenue by qualifying leads and enhancing customer service.

MobileMonkey has OmniChat™ technology through which you can create bots that shall work in Messenger, SMS, and webchat. In other words, it unifies the messages in a single inbox for more convenience.

With additional features like messenger ads, Q&A triggers and chat blaster, you can drive real results in terms of sales for your website. It also provides training, education, and webinars for people who have zero knowledge about chatbots.

It also allows seamless integration with third-party software like CRM, webinar provider, email marketing service, etc.

In addition to the free version with fewer features, you can also choose amongst the plans provided in the website.


The strengths of Olark lies in its in-depth chat analytics and strong UI. It has a user-friendly configuration system that sets up live chat automation for manual inquiries.

Its chatbot, known as CoPilot, sends automated messages to all visitors for better engagement. Moreover, it provides a real-time update about the visitor based on their previous chats for a tailor-made conversation.

Another striking feature of Olark is that it can be operated and navigated with only a keyboard. This makes it easier for those who do not prefer using a mouse.

Moreover, with its ARIA labeling, it makes it easier for visually-impaired people to chat with the bot. Other features include file sharing, chat notifications, visitor page tracking, etc.

All in all, with all such relevant information, you can convert visitors into paying customers and boost your sales.

After the free trial, you’ll get options in terms of plans that also include a la carte PowerUps for adding any additional features as per your requirements.

Final Note

Out of all the above-mentioned chatbot options, our favorite is HubSpot because of its user-friendliness and seamless integration with its CRM.

Well, that was our recommendation, but you can choose any of the chatbots as per your website’s requirements.

Choose wisely since a good decision will generate leads and convert them into paying customers, while you can focus on other aspects of the business. Such a combination will surely pump up your sales and advance your profit in no time!

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