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Why You Should Use a Chatbot for Customer Experience? | Ideta

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Companies are putting more and more effort into improving customer experience. Why? Because a good customer experience will help them differentiate from the competition. By putting an emphasis on customer experience, companies are building trust between them and their potential customers. By studying and mapping their customer journey, brands can build strategies on how to make the lives of their users or buyers a little bit easier every day.

Whether you are selling digital or physical products/ services, customer experience should be particularly in your brand DNA, because this is how people will remember your brand.

So to what extent a chatbot can improve customer experience? Well, that is what we are going to look into in this article.

Available 24/7

As you may know, chatbots are not human! They do not need to eat nor sleep. They are thus available 24/7, whenever your customers are awake and feel the need to collect information about your products or services, the chatbot will be able to answer it immediately. By doing so, you tend to lessen frustrations and anger for your customer. How many times did you have a question about a service and had to wait for office hours to get your answers? And how long did you wait to get that answer? That is all settled with a chatbot. People can go and ask for themselves and be more independent. Of course, you need to set up the appropriate conversation paths to provide them with the right information and even anticipate their needs. By meeting your customer expectations, you will sure score better than your competitors. Plus, you do not need to know how to code or be a chatbot specialist. You just need to have your strategy in hand to start off with your chatbot.

questions for customer experience
Customers’ questions can be answered very easily via a chatbot

Provide a Seamless Experience

When your chatbot answers customers questions at the right time, this can only improve their satisfaction. A chatbot for customer experience is all about building the right touch points at the right time for the right person. Let’s say your customer would like some information about a product before buying something. He could go to the product details, then go to another page to check the shipping information, then go back to the product details, but finally decides to check the product reviews... the experience might not be so qualitative. The customer keeps on being drawn away from the product just because he would like some basic information. In this case, a chatbot can act as a virtual shop assistant that will help answering the most important questions and lead to the check out options. Inside the chatbot, you can have videos or articles or even suggest a more suitable product to the user. Without interrupting the customer in his journey, you multiply your chance to make a transaction.

An extension of your company

Even though we know we are talking to a bot, we do not want to feel like it. Of course, your chatbot can use the name and city of your user in the conversation, but it can even go further. The bot can handle several information about your customer at the same time: past purchases, previous enquiries etc...

So it means the chatbot will be able to provide valuable data to your audience. Whether you are contacting the bot on WhatsApp, on the website or on Facebook it will be able to link your profile information. This is made possible thanks to an API that will track data between your chatbot and your CRM software. What’s more, the chatbot when used with AI is getting better and better at learning about the customers preferences.

a chatbot for customer experience
Multiply the customer experience touch points in your chatbot


Use the appropriate tone in your chatbot so it reflects your company’s image. You can also take the personalisation to the next level by designing your chatbot with your brand color kit. Do not hesitate to put your logo and use your color codes to make sure the user immediately identifies your chatbot with your brand. By making these small modifications, it will make complete sense to the eye of the customer.

Personalize your chatbot with Ideta
With the Ideta chatbot builder you can personalize the design of your chatbot

Collect data from your customer

Your chatbot can not only ask questions, but also collect information. That is one of the main reason why using a chatbot can be useful for your customer and for your organization. By asking questions to the users, the chatbot can detect how ready to buy the product they are or how much they are interested in it. The collect of data about your users’ preferences is made easier when the chatbot is linked via an API to your CRM like Salesforce. You can then be able to gather all details regarding customer journey and take action to improve it. For instance, when your customers click on a precise question on the chatbot and do not take further action, you can remind them to continue their action by triggering an email and encourage them to do so.


By fully integrating your chatbot in your customer journey, you multiply the opportunity to attract him/her in your conversion funnel. Just as you would prepare your customer service team to provide a high quality service, prepare your bot to answer basic questions that will help your customers to find their way. Powered by AI and link to a CRM, you can leverage the benefits of your chatbot by designing a tailored path for your customer. Customer experience is being more and more taken for granted in companies that put customer needs at the center of their decision-making process.

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