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Best 7 AI Chatbots for Customer Service Performance

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The world we are in today has evolved tremendously in the last decade or so. All thanks to technology. As we have changed, our expectations from the companies whose services and products we use have also changed. We like to have information with a tap of a few clicks - it should be easily available, and it is super easy to share.

The same is expected from the businesses - to provide a solution to customers faster. Businesses have realized the change. Hence, they have started investing in innovative technologies. Here are some statistics that prove that customer service chatbots are here to stay:

  • The global chatbot market is expected to reach USD$1.3 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 24%
  • Projected value of chatbot eCommerce transactions by 2023 is $112 billion.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

Before we talk about the best AI-driven chatbots, let us understand what they are? First, you must know that not all chatbots are based on AI, and not all AI has a messaging interface.

AI is blended with chatbots to understand customer needs better and provide them with better information. AI-chatbots are also called machine-learning-based chatbots since they first learn from customer interactions and older conversations and offer resources to answer the current questions.

Adoption of AI is now well beyond early adopters, trial and error, or limited pilot programs designed to test drive the technology. Instead, conversational chatbots are being widely adopted to perform knowledge work, and become the new interface for consumer engagement.

So, now that you know what are AI chatbots, let’s see what are the best chatbots for customer service!

The best AI chatbots for customer service


Ideta is one of the most complete chatbot builder out there. It’s a no-code builder that enables you to build your AI chatbot in just a few minutes.

Indeed, they provide ready-to-use templates, and prebuild NLP intents. So in matters of minutes, you can have a live chatbot with basic NLP on your website. Just choose the template you need, for exemple an FAQ chatbot, and the prebuild intents you want, such as chit-chat. So, you will have a chatbot that answer the frequently asked question of your users and also make small talk with them.

Moreover, you can deploy your bot on many different channels, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Business Messages, Slack, Teams and more...

Ideta is truly a complete tool for building AI chatbots for customer service, whether you want a simple chatbot or a complexe one.

ai chatbot customer service
Ideta Chatbot builder interface


Aivo is one of the AI chatbots where you don't need to do much and offer a lot to your customers. It is a no-code AI-powered chatbot. Your customers may contact you from a different platform like Facebook, Instagram, webchats, mobile applications, etc. or different pages within your website. You can plug in this bot to all your customers' services to interact with you and provide them a consistent experience.

Aivo uses emojis and videos in the conversations to make customers feel like they're speaking to a real person. You can give your Aivo chatbot agents tone of voice and personality. Aivo provides native support for around 50 languages without relying on machine translation.


ActiveChat is designed for your customers and it uses machine learning to learn the language your customers are most comfortable interacting with. The best part is unlike some other tools available in the market, the learning time is short.

You can use this tool and integrate it across various channels so you can support customers whether they are on Telegram, Facebook, Whatsapp, or on your company website. ActiveChat comes with a 14-day free trial and if you like it, you can purchase a paid version of it.

Watson Assistant by IBM

It has been around for a while now, but it has really gained traction in the past couple of years. Currently, it is extensively used in industries like weather prediction and healthcare. It is another AI-driven no-code software but setting it up on a different platform requires some level of expertise.

One of the best features of Watson Assistant is disambiguation. It means that if the chatbot does not have answers for what the customer is looking for, it will not make a guess. Rather it will ask more questions from the customer for better clarity.

In the process, it automatically learns on its own and will provide better support in the future. As a result, your existing customers will not be frustrated with wrong (guesswork) and eventually know what to do next.


If you have an existing traditional chat service and the biggest problem for you is the long wait time your customers have to face, you should consider Netomi. The top advantage of this chatbot is that you can integrate it with traditional chat services like LivePerson, Salesforce Chat, Zendesk Chat, etc.

Another unique feature of Netomi is that it allows businesses to give highly relevant articles from their knowledge base to the tool. It will use this base to find answers to your customers' queries.

It also provides an immediate solution to most problems by looking for a solution on social media - which pretty much has every problem and an answer to it. You can request a free demo by registering on their website.


All the tools above were no-code AI chatbots, it is the first code-based tool on our list. It is basically a hefty platform by Google that helps you create your own AI-driven chatbot that can help you improve conversions, get more traffic and increase customer engagement. You can also use this to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones at a much lower cost. If you are a small business, you should not like to use it. However, for mid-size organizations, once put to use can do wonders.

There are two versions of Dialogflow as below

  • Dialogflow ES - standard service chatbot
  • Dialogflow CX - the 'Customer Experience' advanced version that handles complex workflows


You can own an AI chatbot without code with Kommunicate. If your main goal is to improve customer experience and generate more leads for your business, you should explore Kommunicate. Kommunicate bots can help you schedule a meeting, qualify leads, and support your customers 24*7.

It is highly useful for a sales company because it helps sell and support better by leveraging user information, events, and conversation history. It also comes with powerful analytics that is AI-driven and provides you with deep insights.

It allows seamless customer movement between human agents and chatbots. Hence, your resources are used where they are needed the most. It also has a clear dashboard that provides you with a lot of meaningful data.

Amazon Lex

Last on the list but very powerful. Amazon has been ruling the virtual assistant space because of Alexa. You can think of Lex as a customer service chatbot version of Alexa that helps you get what your customers are looking at just like Alexa.

It is another user-friendly, no-code solution that is very easy to start using. You can integrate it with various Amazon applications. Since Alexa backs it, it has a solid speech recognition functionality though it is not a core feature for a chatbot that is conversational-driven. You can use Lex chatbot in 10 different languages and out of these 10, three are different versions of English. So technically, it supports 8 languages.


The modern-day customer does not want to waste their time on calls waiting to connect to the customer support agent. They want a solution to their queries within minutes. You can fulfill the need of your customers by using the AI chatbots for customer service that will help your customers get answers to basic queries within seconds.

From a business point of view, you will not only provide a better customer experience but also save time and money. You get an option to reduce your customer support agents or assign them some more productive work. The data collected by these chatbots are extremely important if analyzed properly.

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