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Best Instagram Giveaway Pickers

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An Instagram giveaway picker is a key tool that companies and individuals use to conduct giveaways on Instagram. Instagram giveaways have become a popular way to promote products and services in the marketing scene. Companies of all sizes use them regularly to either promote some product or service, gain Instagram followers, increase their engagement with users on the platform, or all of the above. Also, a lot of people like to participate in such giveaways. I mean, who doesn't like free stuff! That’s how Instagram giveaways have become a popular way to promote products and services in the marketing scene.

If you are also interested in doing your own Instagram giveaway but don’t know what to do and how to start, then this article is for you. This article will cover everything you need to know about the process of conducting Instagram giveaways and provide you with a list of the top 5 Instagram giveaway pickers on the market. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

When planning an Instagram giveaway, it's crucial to have a clear plan in place. Decide on the key features of your giveaway, such as the entry requirements, the duration, and the prize. Make sure to communicate these details clearly to your audience. Also, consider the timing of your giveaway. Running a giveaway during a specific month or around a particular event can increase participation. The selection process should be transparent to ensure fairness and build trust with your audience.

Why Do We Use Instagram Giveaway Picker?

The primary purpose of using an Instagram Giveaway Picker is to choose random winners for Instagram giveaways, contests, sweepstakes, or promotions. With this tool, we are able to pick winners in the most unbiased and fair manner. Since the winners are completely random, the participants in the giveaways have an equal chance of winning. And when people know that they have a fair chance to win and that the winners are chosen randomly, they will want to participate and complete all the giveaway steps.

Thus, the use case of an Instagram giveaway picker is not only to pick random winners. Namely, using such a tool allows us to gain followers, engage with old and new customers, and increase our overall brand visibility and awareness. Also, it tells people that we are a fair company that truly wants to give away free stuff online with no ulterior motives.

Why Do We Use Instagram Giveaway Picker?

What Is a Giveaway Picker?

A Giveaway picker is a tool that you can use for all kinds of giveaways and contests. It allows you to pick a random winner from a pool of comments under an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter post. You can use a giveaway picker tool by either downloading an app or directly via the tool’s website. Some pickers require you to login into your Instagram or Facebook account to use them, while others don’t. It all depends on the tool. Also, if you don’t want to login into your Instagram account, some tools allow you to enter the URL of your Instagram post instead.

Even though there are a plethora of social media platforms on which you can use a giveaway picker, the most popular platform for giveaways and contests is Instagram. An Instagram giveaway picker works in the same way as any other giveaway picker. Namely, the giveaway picker first gathers all the comments from the selected photo or video once the giveaway entry time is over. Then, the giveaway picker filters through the comments based on the giveaway settings. For example, the giveaway settings can be tagging a friend, writing a certain keyword or text in the comments, etc. After filtering through the comments, the giveaway picker will select a random winner.

If the giveaway is designed to have more than one winner, for example, three winners, then the giveaway picker will pick three random winners.

Example of a Giveaway Picker?

Now that we have covered the theoretical part of our topic let’s move on to the practical part. Namely, let’s see a real-world example of a giveaway picker.

Comment Picker is a platform that helps you pick random giveaway winners. On this platform, you can enter your post or the URL of your giveaway, and it will pick a random winner for you. You can choose winners for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube giveaways with Comment Picker. The platform offers all kinds of tools, including tools for picking comments, exporting comments, and more.

Comment Picker
An example of comment picker

When Do We Use an Instagram Giveaway Picker?

We can use an Instagram Giveaway Picker in a few situations. The first one is when we want to choose winners for our Instagram giveaway. Namely, if you don’t want to read through hundreds or thousands of comments, then you should use an Instagram Giveaway Picker. That way, you won’t have to go through your Instagram comments one by one to see which qualify and which don’t. Also, the giveaway picker will choose a winner randomly, making your giveaway fair and fun for everyone.

We can also use a giveaway picker for picking contest winners. For example, let’s say that we want to make a contest where the person that leaves the most comments wins. In this case, we don’t need to choose a random winner. Rather, we need to find the person that commented the most on our post. An Instagram giveaway picker can help us with that. All we have to do is command the tool to find the account that is present the most in our comments, and our work is done.

Top 7 Instagram Giveaway Pickers

Now it's time to share the top 7 best Instagram Giveaway pickers. After reading the list, you can choose which tool is your favorite and use it for your Instagram giveaway. Let’s dive in.

1. Ideta

Ideta’s offers a free Instagram giveaway picker tool. It connects directly to your Instagram account for maximum reliability.

You can choose the number of winners, the number of mentions and even take in account the number of time people participated.

Ideta’s instagram giveaway picker interface

On top of that, if you need a giveaway picker, that means you probably have a lot of comments on your posts. If you do, you need an auto comment tool to better engage your community and reduce your effort. You can automatically send them public or private confirmation that they are registered for the giveaway.

2. AI Grow

AI Grow is another excellent Instagram giveaway picker that can help your business grow faster. With it, you can do the following:

  • Automate actions;
  • Schedule and trigger actions;
  • Easily build your workflows;
  • And more.
AI Growth interface

AI Grow offers all kinds of Instagram-related tools and features. Also, you can use it to filter through your comments and find giveaway winners.

3. Instagram Random Comment Picker

The Instagram Random Comment Picker is a free tool that can help you make giveaway pickers on your Instagram posts, yet the features are quite limited.

Free Instagram giveaway picker

Iconosquare is the fourth Instagram giveaway picker on our list. It is an automation tool that allows you to automate all kinds of tasks. Thus, with Iconosquare, you won’t have to do simple and repetitive tasks anymore! Namely, you can automate such tasks and save a lot of time, which you can use to do other, more complex things.

Iconosquare instagram giveaway picker

4. Woobox

Woobox is a popular Marketing Platform for social media that can help you grow your online business and increase your number of followers. With it, you can automate conversations, drive sales, get more leads, engage prospects, and more.

Woobox Instagram Comment picker

5. is a platform that offers all kinds of features and tools. You can use its free Instagram giveaway tool to choose random winners for your giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests. All you would need to do to use’s free Instagram giveaway picker is enter the URL of your Instagram post. After that, you can automatically pull comments and find the winner based on the selection criteria of your giveaway.

The tool will find the winner based on the criteria of your giveaway. So, with, you will get a random winner for your Instagram giveaway in a matter of minutes. Also, the tool is easy to use and shows all the results clearly so that there is no confusion whatsoever. also offers other free digital marketing tools. These include its free target Audience Creator and its Influencer Finder tool.


As we mentioned, Instagram giveaways have become a very popular tool that companies and individuals use to increase their followers and social media engagement. Also, giveaways can help you reach more people worldwide.

When running a giveaway, you have to choose a winner randomly from your comment section. Since many people like receiving free stuff, giveaway posts usually contain hundreds and even thousands of comments. And not everyone wants to read through all of those comments by themselves and find which ones are eligible for their giveaway. And they don’t need to. That’s what Instagram giveaway pickers are for.

Namely, they allow you to easily choose a random winner for your giveaway. Thus, your giveaways will be unbiased and fair for all contestants.

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