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Chatbot Support Tips and Tricks to Get Started On the Right Foot

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Chatbot support has become one of the leading tools in many world-class companies. It is software that can mimic human speech and conduct human interactions. Chatbots, in general, can be used for a wide range of activities.

For instance, many companies have adopted the practice of using the support of chatbots in their Facebook Messenger profiles. However, that is not all there is to chatbots.

chatbot support usage
Photographer: Jason Leung | Source: Unsplash

So, if you want to get ahead and make your life easier, this article is for you. Here we will discuss the basics, and we will provide some tips and tricks that you can use to get your chatbot off the ground and running. Let's begin.

Why Is Chatbot Support Useful?

As we mentioned above, chatbots can do many things. You can program your chatbot to help you out in many different areas for the price of one. Thus, we can already notice that having chatbot support can benefit you greatly.

For starters, chatbots can handle hundreds, if not thousands, of customers at the same time. Chatbot support can make your customer service a lot more efficient than it already is. You can use it to handle thousands of conversations simultaneously, resulting in your customers being tended to immediately and without delay.

Also, it will save you money. Hiring numerous agents to manage customers is very costly. Having chatbot support will make your need for hiring 10's, if not more live agents, disappear, as well as your costs.

chatbot support benefits
Photographer: Rock'n Roll Monkey | Source: Unsplash

Another great use you can get out of chatbots is their 24/7 availability. Namely, if you are an online company with customers from all over the world, timezones can be an excellent obstacle for you.

However, with chatbot support, each customer will be able to contact you at any time. Whether it's midnight, 5 am, or the afternoon, your chatbot will always be online and ready to help your customers with what they need.

Not only will you as a business benefit from chatbot support, but so will your live agents. Your agents will be more productive and efficient, as the chatbot will handle all the easy issues and leave the hardcore stuff to agents. Thus, they will use their time for problems and clients of a higher value.

Also, there is more good news for your international customers. You can program your chatbot to answer questions in multiple languages. Thus, you will keep your international clients satisfied and expand your reach to foreign markets and territories.

How to Use Chatbot Support to Reach Your Marketing Goals?

Marketing experts everywhere are constantly looking for efficient automation tools to help them reach their goals and aspirations. Chatbots are a great tool to do that. More and more marketers are implementing chatbot support to work in line with their marketing campaigns.

According to a study conducted by Netomi, 77% of executives have already implemented conversational bots for after-sales and customer service. So, how can you use chatbot support to reach your marketing goals?

The 24/7 availability that chatbots provide will be an excellent addition to your marketing strategy. It will increase customers' trust and loyalty towards you and increase the positivity that customers associate with your brand.

chatbot support can help you reach your marketing goals
Photographer: Daniele Franchi | Source: Unsplash

Another way you can use your chatbot to improve your marketing strategy is to increase conversion rates. Namely, your chatbot can instigate and drive conversations on your social media accounts.

Also, you can program your chatbot to spark conversations and provide some introductory information to users visiting your websites. What's more, a chatbot can help customers in the purchasing process, which can drive up your sales significantly.

Additionally, having chatbot support can help you reduce churn. Your churn rate can help you keep track of the number of customers that stop doing business with you over a certain period. And, since losing customers is bad for business, many companies do whatever they can to reduce their churn rate.

With the high standards that people have for companies nowadays, not receiving help when they need it can drive many of your customers away. So, if your business has a lot of customers that need help constantly, implementing chatbot support can help you. It will decrease your churn rate by responding immediately to your customers' needs.

Some Useful Tips and Tricks

The number one tip that will be useful for you is allowing customers to contact a live agent via your chatbot. Namely, when a customer has a complicated question that a chatbot cannot answer, your chatbot can redirect the customer to a live agent.

All you need to do is configure your chatbot to do that, and with Ideta’s chatbot, you don’t need to know any code. This trick will help you stay on top of your customer service and allow your customers to receive help no matter the situation.

Also, some customers might want to talk to a live agent specifically, and it would be great if your chatbot could connect them to an agent instantly.

Another good tip for your chatbot support is using Userguiding to trigger an interactive guide within the chatbot. Thus, your customers or users can trigger a guide within your chatbot if they need to. This trick will be great for your business because it will allow confused or new users to learn how to navigate your website.

A Guide getting triggered within a chatbot

Also, with Userguiding's interactive guide tool, your customers can learn how to use your products or services and receive valuable guides.

The learning experience will be a memorable one for users and customers, and it will show them that they can rely on you and your company at any time.

Steps in Building a Good Chatbot Support

So, now on to the technical part. Before we begin, do not worry. Building a chatbot is easier than it sounds, and we are here to help break down the necessary steps for you.

The first thing you need to do is determine the role of your chatbot and set its goals. Namely, it would be best if you clarified what you want your chatbot to do.

The best way to do that is to determine the top 20% of questions that you get from your customers now.

Those will be the most commonly asked questions for your chatbot too. Then, it would help if you determined whether you want your chatbot to answer those questions more narrowly or broadly. All of that is up to you.

Building steps
Photographer: Jason Leung | Source: Unsplash

The second thing you need to do is evaluate and pick a channel. Text-based chatbot support can be available on SMS, USSD, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Whatsapp, and any other platform with a chat option.

Also, if you want to add a conversational chatbot, you should carefully pick which platform to have it on.

The third step is to a storyboard. It represents each juncture and branch in the conversation and the overall flow and links between each bubbles. That will make your customers' experience with your chatbot more human-like and less robotic.

After finishing with all the details and designs, you should test the chatbot internally and see how it works. Now you are ready to go live and collect real-life data from your customers.

chatbot flow
With Ideta’s no-code interface, its easy to see how your bubbles are connected to each others

Building a Chatbot With Ideta

Some Chatbot developers offer to build a chatbot for free. For example, Ideta. WIth Ideta, you can create your chatbot for free and take as long as you need. The process stays free of charge for as long as it takes for you to develop and design your chatbot.

After you build your chatbot, you can launch it and receive another 14-day free trial. So, really, you have nothing to lose with Ideta. Also, Ideta's team will help you every step of the way, so the process of building your chatbot will be even more straightforward for you.

Metrics to Track

Tracking specific metrics can help you evaluate whether your customers like your chatbot support or not. Also, tracking metrics will enable you to improve and upgrade your support as you go. So, which metrics should you track?

Chatbot Activity Volume

Chatbot activity volume helps you evaluate the number of interactions from when a user asks a question until a dialogue takes place. With this metric, you can see if your chatbot is used frequently and if the number of chatbot support users increases.

Retention Rate

Retention rate shows the proportion of users who have consulted your chatbot repeatedly over a specific period. Thus, it can show you if your customers have accepted using your chatbot and if they feel like your chatbot is relevant.

metrics to track
Photographer: Darling Arias | Source: Unsplash

Chatbot Response Volume

Next, we have the chatbot response volume. It will tell you the exact number of questions that your chatbot has answered. This is useful to see which questions come back often. Once you know where your customer have trouble, you can improve your product

Question per conversation

That metric will show you how many questions your chatbot needs to be asked to provide the necessary information. Also, keep in mind that this metric depends on your specific objectives.

User engagement is vital for any business. So, if you want to measure user engagement, you should track your interaction rate. It will let you measure the average number of messages exchanged per conversation.

chatbot analytics dashboard
Ideta’s Analytics Dashboard

Examples of Good Product Chatbot Support

Now, let's see how some companies use chatbot support and why their chatbot support is good.

examples of good product chatbot support
Photographer: Adem AY | Source: Unsplash

Jackbox’s chatbot

First up is Jackbox's chatbot. Jackbox Games Inc. is a video game developer from America. It's chatbot is a great one because it answers a wide range of questions, from "How to play" questions to question relating to purchases and orders.

Another great thing about Jackbox's chatbot is its virtual assistant that helps customers find the answers they need.

jackbox games chat support

Golden State Warriors chatbot

Another great chatbot support example is the Golden State Warriors chatbot. Their chatbot is available on their Facebook page, and it helps users find information about live scores, video updates, reminds, and previews.

Also, the chatbot helps users buy merchandise and navigate through the page. It is an excellent example of using chatbot support for customer engagement and a better fan experience.

Golden State Warriors facilitate tickets booking process

Sephora’s chatbot

Now we move on to Sephora's chatbot. Sephora is a multinational retailer of beauty and personal care products from France. Its chatbot support is excellent because it can help users schedule appointments quickly, try on looks, and find the right foundation shade.

It provides a unique shopping experience and shows how useful chatbot support is when it is done right.

American Express chatbot

Last but not least, we will take a look at American Express' chatbot support. The chatbot is available on Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa, and it provides a wide range of options for users.

Users can link their card to their Facebook account, get notifications of their purchases, and check their balance. Another fantastic aspect about this chatbot is that it uses Natural Language Processing, so the conversation flows even more fluently.

american express help desk support
Clients can block their credit card within the chatbot

Final Take

After diving deep into the many benefits and use cases of chatbot support, we can conclude one thing for sure. Namely, chatbot support is a feature that is worth having, as it can make your business prosper and grow.

Also, if you are still not sure if you want chatbot support, you can try out Ideta's chatbot for free and see if it is suitable for your business!

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