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Chatbots for Ecommerce Websites: How to 10x Sales in 2023

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In this ever-expanding era of online businesses, it is essential to win customers’ trust and stay in touch with them round the clock and chatbots for ecommerce can be a suitable solution.

But you can't always be available to your customers to personalize the experience and answer their queries.

That's when eCommerce conversational chatbots come into play. The infographic below will help you understand why chat is one of the most effective way to build customer relationships.

Source: Engati

Thus, eCommerce chatbots have become one of the most important tools for increasing customer retention and sales.

In this article, we will explain the benefits of chatbots in eCommerce and how to use them to increase sales by 10x in 2022.

What is Chatbot in eCommerce?

Chatbots in eCommerce or specifically in any business is an automated computer program that imitates human behavior and offers a personalized experience in a faster way.

It works like automated personal assistants offering product recommendations, extensive customer support, and assistance in buying products or services. Chatbots use AI and ML technology to answer queries in real-time.

Today, brands like Starbucks, Spotify, H&M, Pizza Hut, Mastercard, Lyft, Whole Foods, Sephora, and others are actively using chatbot messenger to meet customer expectations and move them through the sales funnel.

For example, by using a chatbot, a courier mail service provider can readily provide customers with commonly required information from package tracking status to delivery rates, round the clock.

Simply put, AI chatbots help customers move from step 1 to step N by answering their queries throughout the sales process.

Benefits of Using Chatbots for Your Ecommerce Business

Data by Global Market Insights suggests that the overall market size for chatbots worldwide will be over $1.3 billion by 2024.

This massive market size attributes to the many benefits that a chatbot for eCommerce holds. Since chatbots can be AI-driven, they can adapt to complex problems and offer faster solutions to user inquiries. Ideta offers a simplified solution to connect your chatbot to a NLP provider and use AI in your chatbot conversations.

Here are various benefits of chatbots for eCommerce.

More People Are Using Messenger Apps

Most businesses use social media to promote their product and services and to stay connected with their customers. By integrating the chatbot services with social media messenger apps, businesses can close more sales and build better visibility on social media platforms.

Close-up of male hands using smartphone. Unrecognizable businessman sitting at table and using mobile app. Gadget concept
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Chatbots Save Customer Waiting Time

Customers want a quick response to their queries that solve their problems instantly. Even the traditional chatbots may fail to give prompt responses in some cases. However, a conversational AI chatbot makes the customer feel valued by responding to and solving their queries in real-time.

Provides 24/7 Assistance

As mentioned, your business needs to be live 24/7. Because hiring a human workforce for 24 hours and 7 days a week is a pricey option — most organizations look to AI chatbots as a cost-effective and time-saving alternative.

Thus, 24/7 support with the personalized experience provides better customer satisfaction.

Helps Lower Acquisition Cost

Chatbots are inexpensive. According to a Juniper Research study, chatbots will help businesses save more than $8 billion per year by 2022. Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to improve customer efficiency and productivity.

Boosts Sales

Offering personalized interaction and faster communication brings in new leads as well as retains the older customers. Chatbots makes your new customer informed about your products and the older customers informed about the deals and offers

Improves Data Organization

What separates chatbots from real-time human interaction is their ability to gather data. Your sales team won’t be efficient enough to collect the data. Or understand the customer behavior by merely chatting with your customers.

Closeup of hands using computer laptop with screen showing analysis data
Copyright: Rawpixel Ltd.

The AI algorithms in chatbots take the edge by collecting all the data from the customer’s chat. It notices the phrases used in customer’s interaction, the time taken for resolution, what urges the customer to drop off or make a purchase, and various other data.

Using this data, AI-powered chatbots improve customer interaction and boost customer satisfaction.

How to Use Chatbots to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

Now, there are two ways to build chatbots for your eCommerce business. The first option is to create a bot from scratch. And second — you can use a chatbot development service and customize it to your needs.

Build a Chatbot From Scratch

If you want to solve complex problems and answer queries more accurately, then this is a more viable choice.

You can either hire a team of chatbot developers or consider using a chatbot app development tool to build your own chatbot.

Ideta chatbot builder

By creating your own chatbot solution, you will be able to build custom bots that understand customer behavior and work in the exact way that you want them to.

Here is how you can build a chatbot right from the scratch for your eCommerce business:

  • The first step is to hire a chatbot developer to create your customized chatbot.
  • Next, you need to choose the right chatbot type. There are two types of chatbots: Rule-based simple bots or AI chatbots.
  • Integrate your bot with any or all of your platforms like eCommerce sites, social media platforms, or messenger apps.
  • Launch the chatbot in beta mode and gather the customer’s feedback to improve.

Use Chatbot Development Platforms

You can also use a chatbot development platform to create conversational chatbots that can perform simple tasks and answer general user queries. However, you will need to rely more on these development platforms to improve customer interaction.

While some of these chatbot development platforms may offer natural language processing capabilities, you will need to hire a developer to create bots that answer complex queries.

Train & Test Your Bots Regularly

Whether you build the chatbot from scratch or use a chatbot development platform, you should work on training it on a regular basis to save time and money while increasing efficacy.

Keep working on improving the chatbot's interaction and gathering customer feedback.


Using chatbots for your eCommerce business is a must today.

By using a reliable chatbot development company like Ideta or by hiring a chatbot developer, you can build and integrate chatbot solutions into your eCommerce store.

We hope our quick guide has helped you better understand the use of chatbots, their benefits — and how to effectively build a chatbot.

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