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How to Go Viral On Instagram?

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Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses to reach a wider range of audience. With more than 500 million daily active users, every brand dreams of implementing various strategies to go viral on this platform. When a specific post goes viral on Instagram, it boosts the popularity on Instagram and connects you to a larger audience.

In such cases, the more the content gets shared on the platform, the more familiar the audience is with your brand. Moreover, this significantly increases the chances of converting your page visitors and followers into clients. Many prefer to purchase followers to get the initial boost. But, there are other ways as well which we will discuss in the article.

What Does It Mean To Go Viral On Instagram?

Viral content on Instagram is the Instagram posts that reach the topmost spot of the app's Explore page and receive many likes and comments. These posts usually have a higher engagement ratio than other content. It denotes that they effectively grab the attention of Instagram's algorithm and audience which is possible if you buy Instagram followers.

Generally, viral content on Instagram receives over a million likes or views and has thousands of comments. However, the definition of a viral post on Instagram can vary depending on the specific niche on the app. For example, if posts in your and your competitor's niche have a difference of approximately 20,000 to 30,000 likes, your post falls in the viral category.

There is no set formula for creating viral content on the Instagram platform. Instagram Reels is one of the best strategies for achieving viral status. Many businesses implement infographics reels with engaging content to catch user's attention. In fact, according to the survey reports, Instagram Reels receive 22% more engagement than regular Instagram video posts. Ultimately, your post is viral when:

  • Attracts more interaction through saves and comments and saves compared to other posts on your feed.
  • It receives continuous engagements after posting.
  • Attracts a greater number of individual likes, views, and shares as compared to other content.
  • Gains attention and engagement at a quicker rate than your previous content.

Why Do Businesses and Individuals Wish Their Instagram Videos Go Viral?

Going viral on Instagram or Instagram’s popular posts can significantly boost the overall interactions and engagement of your account. When one of your videos goes viral, it also elevates your popularity and helps you become famous on Instagram. However, if you want your video goes viral in less time, you can buy Instagram followers as well.

Viral content on Instagram has the potential to reach large demographics quickly. But, one thing you must keep in mind is that you must keep the consistency in your posting to sustain your popularity. If you want to catch the attention of more people, you must create valuable and shareable content as well.

Ways to Go Viral On Instagram: Pro Tips for Beginners

Making your videos viral is not a quick task since it can be achieved only through effective strategies. However, here are a few ways that will help you understand how you can go viral on Instagram.

  • Create High-Quality Shareable Content

Content is one of the significant metrics that will help you go viral on Instagram. However, to create worth-sharing content, you must first understand your audience. Then, try to follow the trends and use the trendy hashtags and music to improve your visibility.

You can research more about the audience by evaluating the time of their online activity. It will help you identify the right time for posting to make it to the Explore Page. Once you get there, your content will become viral and appear on most people’ feed.

  • Follow All the Instagram Trends

Monitoring current trends is essential to create a post that goes viral. It is necessary to monitor the trending hashtags which have been popular for some time. There are now additional elements like trending sounds and filters on Instagram Reels.

Moreover, Instagram promotes these trends to its users, increasing the chances of creating viral posts. Therefore, staying updated with the latest Instagram trends, monitoring popular Reels, and finding opportunities to create your unique content is important.

  • Understand the Right Time to Post

To ensure a viral post on social media, it's important to consider the timing. The first few moments after posting can greatly impact the engagement and success of your post. Many engaging contents easily get lost in people's feeds. It happens when you post when a significant number of users are active.

Although when you buy Instagram followers it can help up to some extent. It is because of the algorithms used by social media platforms. Therefore, it's important to identify when your audience is most active and plan your content calendar accordingly.

  • Pay Attention to Your Competition

You must create a comprehensive list of your competitor's most popular posts to achieve a viral post. This research is necessary to get a starting point for generating viral content. However, it is important not just to copy your competitors' content, as users can quickly notice and criticize such imitations.

It would be a better strategy to thoroughly examine these posts and figure out a unique way of making your post stand out in the trend. It is advisable not to post the content immediately after your competitor's post and wait for some time.

  • Buy Instagram Followers

Many brands buy Instagram followers to successfully increase their follower count. One benefit of buying followers is that it can boost the growth of Instagram accounts.

When your account has some thousand followers' the audience notices and follows you naturally. Of course, ensuring you buy high-quality and genuine followers relevant to your niche is important. This strategy helps you to build a successful brand on Instagram.

  • Maintain Consistency with Your Posting

Consistency plays an important role in making your Instagram content go viral. With a consistent posting schedule, you can generate your followers' curiosity for future posts. It is highly suggested to post on Instagram regularly at the best times.

It increases the engagement ratio of your followers and allows them to expect new content from you. Posting with long breaks or randomly generates the risk of losing the interest of new and eager followers.


It is important to develop a planned strategy to go viral on Instagram. You can examine your audience and competitors to determine the specific content that attracts attention on Instagram. It is necessary to create top-notch posts on popular subjects, use trending hashtags, and implement updated features offered by Instagram.

Additionally, remember to create reels using trending audio tracks on the platform. You can buy Instagram followers to maintain engagement levels and increase brand recognition if needed. Lastly, it is important to consistently post and interact with your audience to increase the possibility of achieving viral status.

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