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Improve lead generation with Chatbots

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Chatbots are conversational robots programmed to instantly and automatically answer users’ questions. They can be used in many different fields like sales, human resources, banking, real estate or even education. Chatbots are able to carry out numerous tasks, from helping website’s visitors to easily find information or products, to performing complex calculations. 

In a nutshell, chatbots are very powerful tools which can be used in a wide variety of contexts. So why couldn’t they be used for lead generation? In this article, we will guide you through the top reasons why you should use an Ideta chatbot in order to improve your lead generation strategy and get your business noticed.

Chatbots enable you to automate lead acquisition

First of all, chatbots can automate lead acquisition. Unlike human agents, chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can answer leads' questions instantly at any time of the day or night.

This is all the more important that, in today’s digital world, international customers are more and more expecting quick replies from businesses regardless of time differences. By implementing a chatbot into your business, you will never miss a lead again.

Chatbots help you automate answers thus freeing up your employees’ time

Answering websites visitors’ questions can be extremely time consuming and may not produce expected results as lead generation can be quite unpredictable. Moreover, some questions are very repetitive and easy to answer.

Using a chatbot in order to automate repetitive tasks as well as answers to frequently asked questions can truly free up your employee’s time thus allowing them to focus on higher-value added activities.

Your team will indeed be able to put their energy into dealing with way more complicated queries and spend more time talking and building trust with website’s visitors who seem more likely to become hot leads.

Chatbots still allow your leads to switch to talking with a human agent

Sometimes, chatbots are unable to provide website’s visitors with the answer they need because the chatbot has not been prepared and trained to answer this specific question.

In the same way, sometimes, they are unable to handle a query because it is too complex, requires information which the chatbot does not have, asks to cross-check too much data from a plethora of different places, etc. In these scenarios, chatbots enable your employees to take over the conversation.

This is called a live chat. Employees can indeed discuss in real time with leads and thus handle more complex queries. As a matter of fact, websites visitors are 82% more likely to become leads and later on customers if they have had a chance to discuss with a support agent through live chat.

Chatbots can tailor conversations

Before becoming hot leads and then customers, website visitors go through multiple stages called sales funnel stages. A chatbot could help you guide your leads through this whole process: starting with helping them discover your business and develop awareness, and then finishing with helping them purchase the right product for them.

All along this process, your chatbot will be able to adapt and have tailored conversations with your potential customers depending on the stage they are at. In other words, chatbots can be customised in order to be able to adapt to each visitor, whether they are only browsing your website, or almost ready to buy.

Chatbots help you increase conversion rates

Engaging in conversation with website’s visitors and eventually inviting them to buy can be quite hard. According to WordStream, the average conversion rate from people visiting a website’s landing page is about 2.35%.

By implementing a chatbot which can automatically appear in the bottom right corner of visitors’ screens when they are browsing your landing page, you will be likely to increase customer engagement. Indeed, they will more easily notice and answer your call to action, thus engaging in the sales funnel process through which you will be ready to guide them.

Chatbots can help you generate leads who speak various languages

One of the many advantages of chatbots is that they are multilingual. About 72% of app users are not native English speakers.

Whilst numerous people do speak English as a second language, many feel more comfortable speaking, reading and browsing the web in their native language. Consequently, website’s visitors are more likely to engage in conversation and purchase from your brand if your website and your after-sales service is available in their native language.

The training and implementation of a multilingual chatbot into your business’s website will enable you to reach people and generate leads who speak a plethora of languages without even having to have a human agent in your team who speaks these languages.

Chatbots allow you to make tedious forms interactive

Filling out a form can be a tedious process. It is not interactive and can sometimes be quite long. By not engaging your lead, chances are they will give up completing the contact form.

In fact, it is said that only about 2.2% of users complete B2B forms from beginning to end. By using a chatbot as a form, you will make the completion of contact forms way more interactive and effortless for potential leads.

The conversation will flow naturally and they will just have to fill out information as questions come. Also, even if a user decides to interrupt the conversation before completing the entire form, you will still be able to collect the data they will have entered in the chatbot, for example their email address.

Chatbots can do way more than just answering questions

Chatbots can be trained to work as salespeople by guiding leads through all the stages of the sales funnel, from discovering the brand to purchasing a product. They can schedule appointments and even process payments.

This significantly simplifies the whole buying process for customers. With a chatbot, leads do not have to browse the entire website in order to find information, products and pay.

Let’s say a visitor has several questions regarding one of your products. Your chatbot will be able to answer most questions, leaving complex queries to one of your employees for them to handle. Once the lead is satisfied and has gathered all the information they need, they will be able to directly and easily purchase from your chatbot.

Ideta’s chatbots are very powerful tools which can be used to improve lead generation and help you grow your business. Interested in building a chatbot with Ideta? Check out our software and contact our team at:

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