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Use of Chatbots for Real Estate

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Using a Chatbot for Real Estate allows real estate agencies to boost their customer interaction and satisfaction. Chatbots are much faster and more accurate than a human being. A Chatbot for Real Estate agencies is a great and successful idea, because today’s generation of customers expects seamless and spontaneous customer experience. The Thanks to the Ideta chatbot builder, you can start building your chatbot without coding by determining a conversational path. Through the Chatbot, the customer will be assigned to the right employee and won’t be passed around several of them until he finally gets one that has the right knowledge about his request.

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Use cases for Chatbots for Real Estate

A Chatbot for real estate is mainly used to find out what the customers want (buying, selling, renting, managing of real estate). It can easily just choose what they want to know, for example, if they want to rent an apartment, how many rooms it should have, how many square metres, and where exactly it should be situated. The same goes for the rental of a house, or also for buying apartments or houses. After typing what they want into the Chatbot, the customers just need to declare their email addresses and the agency will send them an offer taking all the information the client gave in the Chatbot into account. It can be even more efficient when it is powered by AI. By adding AI elements in your chatbot for real estate, you will be able to answer your customer needs in a more tailored way.

Other examples of chatbots for real estate are even more diverse. One can use it as a person who wants to rent or buy a house or an apartment, but it’s also possible to use it as an owner of a property. Either way, the Chatbot asks you what you want to know, and you can choose from several different options. After choosing one, the Chatbot gives you the link to a page, from which you can get more information about the details you want to know. It can even become more powerful when you link your chatbot to a CRM or ERP softwares via an API. Possibilities become endless!

AI In a Chatbot for Real Estate

As said earlier, adding AI in your chatbot will push your service to the next level. Through the help of NLP, the more your AI chatbot for real estate will interact with customers, the more it will learn from what they expect and will provide them with the most accurate information.

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Key Benefits of Chatbots for Real Estate

Some benefits of the use of chatbot for real estate have already been mentioned. But there are a lot more:

  1. one of those is the 24/7 availability. Customers do not need to wait long hours to get an answer, they’ll get fast answers and can immediately start a virtual conversation.
  2. Also, and that applies for every company using Chatbots: the improvement of time management. They help saving time and energy over tasks that can be made so much more efficiently by adding a little automation.
  3. Last but not least, the history of the interaction with the customers will be saved through the Chatbots. In the earlier days, it took so much time to save all the information, now data can be saved automatically, and it can be looked up easily.


So, as you can see: Chatbot for Real Estate are the future! With AI playing an increasingly important role in the business world, even more. a chatbot for real estate will help you leverage lead acquisition and increase customer satisfaction.

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