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You have an FAQ? You have a problem!

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We all wanted to make an FAQ one day.

The setting up of an FAQ almost always follows the same steps:

  1. I have a website that starts to have some traffic
  2. I find that my conversation rate is not optimal
  3. I have visitors who ask me questions through my contact form and I always answer the same thing
  4. I want to automate that
  5. I set up an FAQ so users can find their answers by themselves and reduce the traffic

But this seemingly logical process actually reveals two things:

  1. My website doesn’t respond to my user’s questions
  2. To sell to my clients, I need to respond to their questions

To sell to my clients, I need to respond to their questions

At Ideta, we are convinced that an FAQ won’t really help you.  In reality, the FAQ is before all hopes of company automation.

  1. I hope that a user who can’t find their response continues to search until finding the FAQ
  2. I hope that they will find the FAQ and find THE question
  3. I hope that by browsing through the FAQ, they will not ask more questions than in the beginning

The FAQ is not customer centric

It’s an “enterprise centric” approach and not “customer centric”.  We will not solve the problem of the customer to finally sell them something.  We will only try to find a scalable answer for the company.  This is why, in reality, what will happen is:

  1. Rather than search, the visitor will leave the page
  2. If they do not find the answer in the FAQ, they will leave the page, annoyed by having lost their time and they may never come back.  If they find the answer, they have to get back into the state of mind with the intention to buy, otherwise... they will leave the site
  3. By browsing the FAQ, they will ask other questions and with each additional question, the intention to make a purchase decreases and they will leave the page.

In reality, for the majority of cases, the visitor doesn’t need your product or service. They buy your product to solve a problem, the famous pain point. If buying on your site proves to be another problem, there will be no purchase…

If buying on your site proves to be another problem, there will be no purchase…

So in reality, what is the solution?  It must meet the following specifications:

  1. Be readily available when visiting the site
  2. Answer user’s questions
  3. Be scalable (doesn’t require additional resources with the growth of the company)
  4. Ideally, has the ability to re-contact the prospect later

We realized that it was simply a chatbot with a little understanding of natural language.  Indeed:  

  1. The chatbox (mailbox) will always be available at the bottom right throughout the site visit
  2. Developments in the understanding of natural language allow the chatbot to answer the questions asked
  3. The chatbot can answer automatically and tirelessly 
  4. By using the Custom Chat Plugin of Facebook Messenger, not only do you answer users’ questions, but you also automatically get a free way to contact them again by sending the questions and answers in the messages of your Facebook page.

So, don’t hesitate to send us a message to goodbye to your FAQ and improve your conversation rate.

To deepen the reflection:

How and why to use (or not) the Custom Chat Plugin on Facebook Messenger?

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