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Why Your Chat GPT Content Isn’t Working (And How to Fix It!)

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Chat GPT has become a highly utilized accessory. From education to business matters, this tool is being used by everyone. This is mainly because the tool uses a great model that efficiently mimics human behavior. Also, this chatbot can answer almost anything.

But with such high-end facilities, this tool has also stirred up some controversy. Now, some industries are taking action against the usage of Chat GPT as they believe it’s a cheat. For example, educational organizations are prohibiting this tool’s usage for better creativity.

Among all this, search engines have also taken appropriate steps to ensure that the content shared on the internet is not AI-generated. In other words, AI content is less likely to rank. But this post will show you how to overcome this. Here, we will discuss the right way to use Chat GPT for content.

Chat GPT and Its Role in Content Creation

Before we show you the methods of using Chat GPT, we will introduce you to this concept in a little more detail. Content creation is a process that requires proper research that translates into an informative piece of writing.

By using Chat GPT, writers have the power to skip the research, typing, and proofreading steps of the content creation process. This is an intimidating offer. However, it has demerits. If you simply copy and paste Chat GPT content into an online post, it won’t work.

This is because the search engine will know that it is AI-generated. However, this doesn’t mean that the AI chatbot has no power. In fact, it can be used in many other useful ways. These ways are going to be the focus of this write-up.

Why Your Chat GPT doesn’t Work in a Search Engine?

The main reason for this is that you are uploading Chat GPT content as is on the internet. This means that you are copying the AI content in its raw form. This doesn’t work because the search engines like Google have incorporated techniques to detect such type of content.

So, the key takeaway of this post will be to edit the raw AI writing. We will discuss these edits in detail in the upcoming parts.

How to Make Chat GPT Work for Content

In order to make AI-generated content work in search engines, you can try some techniques. They are listed below.

Perform Research to Ensure the Credibility of Content

When you generate AI content on a random topic, you don’t know whether it’s true or not. That’s why research is a prerequisite for using AI content. You need to be sure that the material that you are about to share is actually true.

Also, AI tends to write really bland write-ups on some topics. For example, if you ask Chat GPT to write an article on a very specific topic, it won’t be able to provide factual statements. Instead, it will use the internet and write some general stuff about it.

This type of content doesn’t rank in the search engine. Once you perform research, you will get a grip on the topic. This will allow you to convert the general statements of AI into valuable content.

Building the credibility of your content is highly important. This is not just true for SEO but is also a basic rule of literature. In an online source, Tseng and Fogg explain how credibility leads to believability. So, in other words, you can use credibility to build trust with your users.

Rewrite AI Content to Make it Less Detectable

Even though AI is supposed to write human-like content, you should still edit it to introduce actual human touch to it. The way you can do this is by rewriting your content. You can remove or add some sentences. Similarly, you can change the words to make them less robotic.

This step is vital to ranking in search engines. SEM Rush reports that 33% of standard or fairly easy-to-read written content shows high performance in the search engine.

An even better solution to this, however, is automating the rewriting process. This is done to save time and be more efficient in content creation. You can perform this automation by inserting the Chat GPT content into a text rewriter. It will assess the sentences and rewrite them, as discussed in the last paragraph.

This makes it difficult for the search engine to detect AI content. Resultantly it takes up your content a few ranks in the SERPs.

Make Valuable Additions

As we said before, AI content can sometimes be too generalized. You need to change that. This is because Google will know that you are providing no value to the users with this content. Consequently, it (the search engine) may apply penalties.

The founder of, Torbjorn Flensted says,

It’s about quality. Google loves quality.

This shows that the quality of your content needs to be brilliant. Here are some things that you can do in this regard:

  • Add images or videos to make your content more attractive.
  • Add cited information such as statistics, figures, quotes, and much more.
  • If the topic allows, add a little humor to freshen the vibe.
  • Keep sentences short so that the readers don’t face any difficulty.
  • Add unique or uncommon information to provide something of value to the users.

These are some basic steps you can take to make your AI content much more appealing. These steps satisfy both the readers and the search engine. And this should be your main priority anyways.

Focus on the Readability

We mentioned this in the previous heading too. But this point is especially important because high readability is one of the most prominent features that AI content has. In other words, if your write-up has complex sentences and words, it will be easier for the AI detecting tools to flag your content.

So, you should control the readability of your content. You can do this using two ways:

  • Either give Chat GPT a prompt to make your content easier to read.
  • Or manually rephrase your content by applying the above-mentioned paraphrasing techniques.

If your content has short sentences, common words, and easy to understand material, then there is a very less chance the search engine will be able to detect your work.

Insert Keywords

Keywords are the main power behind ranking in a search engine. AI content in its raw form doesn’t make use of keywords. However, you can add some selected keywords to it. For example, if you generate an article about technology, you can add keywords like computers, electronics, or something like that.

There are multiple ways of doing this as well. If you think you can adjust certain keywords to the content naturally, then do so. However, if that is not possible, then just ask Chat GPT to do it for you. For example, I generated this paragraph using the chatbot under discussion:

Now, I will ask the tool to insert certain keywords into this write-up.

As you can see, all your keyword-related work gets done automatically. Also, if you notice, the insertion of keywords is quite natural, which is how it should be. You can expect such a piece of content to rank well among the competition in a SERP.


To end this discussion, we will say once again to edit your Chat GPT content so that it stands a chance in the search engine. All the useful types of edits are given in the above post. You can consult them and start practicing. Only this way you can effectively use Chat GPT for content.

In addition to this, we would like to say that you shouldn’t depend too much on tools like Chat GPT. These tools may create highly informational content, but they don’t have the ability to be creative. In return, they snatch away your creativity as well. So, we suggest that you keep the use of such tools to a minimum.

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